How Long Does Coinbase Verification Take?

Coinbase is a leading global bitcoin exchange. If you want to start trading or investing in bitcoin, Coinbase is the place to go.

The company has over 20 million customers worldwide, and its services include a mobile app, web interface, and API.

How Long Does Coinbase Verification Take

Coinbase was founded in 2012 and now has offices in San Francisco, New York City, London, Dublin, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, Sydney, and Buenos Aires.

Its headquarters are located in San Francisco, California. Coinbase offers two types of accounts: personal and institutional.

Personal accounts allow individuals to trade bitcoins, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Institutional accounts offer access to large amounts of capital. Both account types can be used to purchase digital currency.

Coinbase’s website states that it verifies all users who register for an account. However, the site doesn’t specify how long this process takes.

In addition, some people have complained about their accounts being frozen after they made a mistake on the application form.

How Long Does It Take To Verify My Account?

The time it takes to verify your account depends on several factors.

Some of these factors include whether you use a credit card or debit card when making purchases, if you buy Bitcoin with cash and if you make multiple transactions per day.

If you use a credit card, Coinbase will usually verify your identity within 24 hours.

If you pay with cash, however, Coinbase may need up to 72 hours to complete the verification process.

If you make multiple transactions each day, Coinbase may require additional time to verify your identity.

This could take anywhere from one hour to three days.

What Is Verification Like On Coinbase?

When you first sign up for Coinbase, you’ll receive an email asking you to confirm your email address.

You’ll also get a text message with a link to click on.

Once you click on the link, you’ll be taken to a page where you enter your phone number and answer a security question.

You’ll then receive another text message containing a code which you must enter into the “Verify Phone Number” section of the Coinbase website.

After entering the code, you’ll see a screen stating that your account has been verified.

You’ll also receive an email confirming that your account has been successfully verified.

Can I Use A Different Email Address For Coinbase?

Yes, you can change your email address at any time. Just log into your account and select “Account Settings” from the menu bar.

Click on “Edit Profile” and update your email address.

Once you do this, Coinbase will email you letting you know that your new email address has been added to your account.

Is There Any Way To Speed Up Coinbase Verification Process?

Yes, there are ways to speed up the verification process.

One way to do this is by using a different email address than the one associated with your bank account.

Another option is to use a disposable email address such as Gmail’s free service.

However, both methods come with risks. Using a disposable email address means that someone else can potentially gain access to your account.

Also, using a different email address means that you won’t receive important emails related to your account.

Are There Fees Associated With Coinbase Verification?

Are There Fees Associated With Coinbase Verification

No, there aren’t fees associated with verifying your identity on Coinbase.

The only fee you’ll incur is the cost of sending money through PayPal or other payment methods.

Are There Other Ways To Verify Your Identity?

Yes, there are other options available besides verifying your identity through Coinbase. These include:

  • Verifying your identity through Facebook
  • Using Google Voice to set up two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Using SMS 2FA
  • Using a physical key fob

Coinbase Verification Tips

The best way to ensure that your identity is properly verified on Coinbase is to follow these tips:

  • Use a unique password for your Coinbase account.
  • Keep your password secure. Never write it down or share it with anyone.
  • Never reuse passwords across websites.
  • Change your password regularly.
  • Don’t store your login credentials in plaintext files. Instead, keep them encrypted.
  • Only use strong encryption when storing sensitive information online.
  • Avoid clicking links in unsolicited messages.
  • Always check the URL of a website before entering personal information.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Coins From Coinbase?

It depends on how much cryptocurrency you want to buy.

If you have $100 worth of Bitcoin stored on Coinbase, it could take anywhere between 1 hour and 24 hours to complete the transaction.

However, if you have more than $10,000 worth of cryptocurrency stored on Coinbase, it may take longer.

What Is The Best Time Of Day To Buy Cryptocurrency On Coinbase?

It’s best to purchase cryptocurrencies during off-peak times. This includes late morning, early afternoon, and evening.

During peak times, transactions are often delayed due to high demand.

Can I Use Coinbase In Europe Or Canada?

Currently, Coinbase doesn’t offer services outside the US. However, they plan to expand their reach internationally once regulations become more lenient.

Does Coinbase Have A Security App For Android And iOS Devices?

Yes, Coinbase offers apps for both Android and iOS devices. Both apps allow users to securely manage their accounts from anywhere.

How Can I Check How Much Money I Have Stored On Coinbase?

You can view your balance at any time by logging into your Coinbase account.

Click “Accounts & Balances” under the “Settings” tab. You will then see a list of all your assets on Coinbase.

Is Coinbase Safe?

Yes, Coinbase has been rated as one of the safest exchanges around. Their security measures include:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Password protection
  • Phishing detection
  • Anti-fraud technology
  • Encrypted wallet storage
  • Secure servers
  • Regularly audited by independent third parties

Is Coinbase Legit?

Yes, Coinbase is an established company with over 20 million customers worldwide. They were founded in 2012 and launched in 2013.

If you’re looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, Coinbase is definitely one of the most reputable platforms out there.


In conclusion, the Coinbase verification process can be done in a variety of ways and only takes around 24 hours for those who are paying with their credit card or 72 hours for those paying with cash.

This ensures that it is as safe as possible and keeps your investments secure.

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