About Us

Who doesn’t want to increase their bank balance and make their wallet thicker? I know that I do, and that was what originally drew me into the world of crypto currency. 

I bet I can guess what you’ve heard - that crypto currency is a scam, it’s dangerous, maybe even illegal. Well, I can confirm that it is none of these things. Instead, it is a brilliant way to invest and grow your assets. 

Hi, I’m James Wight and I have been trading in crypto for almost two years. I started out when I was desperate for cash, living paycheck to paycheck, worried about where my rent was going to come from. 

I was working a minimum wage job who had just cut back my hours, so I was in a real pinch. I had heard of crypto currency in passing but assumed the worst, just like most people, and forgot about it. 

That was until one night when I was spiraling about how little I had left in my bank account. I started researching and couldn’t believe what I was reading - it all seemed too good to be true. But I also read that it involved high risks. 

So, I shut my computer down and left it. That was until I had drunk a few too many glasses of wine and decided to take the risk. Looking back, that was the best thing that I could’ve ever done. I started trading crypto and made $100 in my first week. 

Not millions, like other traders had claimed, but it was a start and it meant that I had enough to pay my rent. Now, two years on, I won’t tell you how much I’ve made in total - but trust me when I say that you want to get in on this. 

So, I’ve started Wawllet to share my tips and tricks on crypto currency trading with whoever wants to listen. What are you waiting for? Read through the website and come join me over on the minefield!