What Is Cryptoart?

Wondering what cryptoart is? You’re not alone. Since the birth of cryptocurrencies, the world has become a very interesting and profitable place for many people.

One way that you can make money from these currencies is by buying and selling them in exchange markets. However, it isn’t as simple as jumping on the internet and buying and selling. There are a number of different crypto-types to look at, one of them being cryptoart.

What is Cryptoart

If you’ve wondered what cryptoart actually is, and what its point is, stick around! There’s plenty to find out when it comes to this topic. You might even find out that this is something that interests you! If you understand it, and like it, why not try it out yourself?

There are plenty of great platforms to check out, and we’ll go through a couple of them later on!

A Brief Introduction

Before we jump into cryptoart, you need to have an understanding of the world around it. Cryptoart is art that is in a digital form. It’s treated just like physical pieces of art are, and owners can have verified ownership of cryptoart.

The established systems that could only be used for real-world physical art pieces are now, for the first time, completely electronic.

As time has gone on and the world of technology has advanced, we’ve not reached a point where we can produce, sell, own, and collect digital works of art. This is all done through cryptoart and NFTs.

Cryptoart can come in the form of music, digital graphics, programmable art, VR dreamscapes, GIFs, videos, photography, and more. All of these are digital assets, which have the potential to have a collector’s value.


It’s also important to have a brief understanding of NFTs. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are units of data that are non-interchangeable. NFTs are stored on blockchains.

They can be sold and traded, and can be worth a lot of money. NFTs have become popular recently, especially with musicians and other artists.

All About Cryptoart

To anyone who is new to the crypto world, it can be confusing. Cryptoart as a concept depends on digital scarcity. That means that limited quantities of items will result in people buying, selling, and collecting.

These pieces of art are treated like real-world ones, and in some cases, the buyers of cryptoart can get the right to receive partial royalties, as well as reproduction of the pieces of art.

Cryptoart is typically digital pieces of art, but it could also be physical art that’s tracked. The tracking is done in a blockchain, or “crypto” system.

A lot of the pieces of art available in this niche of crypto art even revolve around and focus on technology and the digital culture.

The art frequently has themes that are tied to politics in the modern era, philosophy, and economics.

What makes cryptoart interesting is that you can register and authenticate pieces of physical artwork via crypto technology.

The use of blockchain helps users identify original pieces of artwork and those that are forgeries.

Doing this is essential is verifying the artwork’s ownership. Like physical paintings can be signed and verified, cryptoart can also be authenticated. This process is done using an NFT, or non-fungible token.

It is these pieces of art that have been selling for hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars.

What Makes Cryptoart Unique?


There are eight things that make cryptoart unique:

It’s Anonymous

pseudonyms can be used, and allows artists to create their art and sell it without anyone knowing who they are. This allows individuals to make art without fear of being judged, if they choose to be anonymous.

It’s Decentralized

There are a number of guidelines and tools that are in place to reduce any potential gatekeeping. This also reduces power to middlemen in order to increase the autonomy of the artists involved.

It’s Native To The Digital World

Artwork can now be created, altered, purchased, and sold digitally. This is the first time that this has ever been possible.

It’s Permissionless

In order to participate, there are no set of skills, characteristics, or anything else that is needed.

This means that anyone can participate, no matter their rage, age, beliefs, skills, creed, or anything else. It is open to anyone who would like to be a part of the community.

It’s Self-Referential

The crypto artists involved frequently refer to personalities and events in their works of art. This is often geared towards the personalities that are found within blockchain and cryptocurrency culture.

It’s Memetic

The “Meme Economy” is now a real thing, and cryptoart often involves memes because of their ability to quickly spread.

It’s Geographically Agnostic

Cryptoart revolves around the internet. This means that anyone who has access to the internet is able to participate and become part of the cryptoart world.

As a result, it is considered to be an art movement of global proportions.

It’s Collected By CryptoPatrons

Cryptoart is typically collected by those referred to as the “cryptorich”. This is a group of people who are investors that are very savvy when it comes to technology.

They were the smart ones who were drawn into the world of cryptocurrencies very early on.

Crypto Artists

Anyone can be a crypto artist. There are generally two classifications when it comes to this : self-trained artists, and tech-savvy artists.

Those who are tech-savvy either got enough help, or knew everything they needed to know in order to launch their own art. Their art is very controlled and limited, and can reach pretty high prices because of it.

Self-trained artists are usually people who have been able to work through democratic platforms that are there to help and empower them.

These kinds of platforms are there to provide these crypto artists with all the tools they might need in order to create, sell, and buy works of art on the blockchain.

However, there are many well-known names in the world of cryptoart. From people who have been in the scene for some time, to newer individuals.

A couple of people you may have heard of include Grimes, Micah Johnson, and DJ Deadmau5. There are many people who prefer to keep their anonymity, too, and the crypto world makes it very easy to do this, too.

Online Platforms

What is Cryptoart

Online platforms are the pinnacle of the crypto world. Without them, this world would cease to exist. There are a number of great platforms that are used globally, and help artists grow and be successful.


Dada.nyc a great online platform for creating and selling cryptoart. The site was launched back in 2014, and since then has grown tremendously in size and popularity.

Dada.nyc is known for its huge range of categories such as portraits, landscapes, abstracts, etc. In addition, there are many ways that you can purchase your art.

It started out as a collaborative drawing application, and grew from there. There are drawing tools built into the app, so it’s a great place for anyone to create and share their pieces of work.

The majority of people there are self-taught artists. Recently, the company has added the ability to use blockchains to purchase different artworks.


Ephimera is one of the older crypto marketplaces around. They are well-established and are held in high regard. Because of this, it is one of the places that many people gravitate towards.

This crypto marketplace is specifically catered to photographers, but there’s


One of the most popular networks is the Ethereum blockchain. It’s an amazing place to sell digital artwork on, and there are over 20 individual marketplaces to explore.

To date, it is one of the most extensive cryptoart networks in the world. Every marketplace has a niche, and caters to unique styles.

This means that no matter your preference, you will find something you love in one of the marketplaces.


Rarible is another online platform where you can get involved in the crypto world. It offers a variety of different mediums, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, and more.

However, one of the best things about Rarible is that it allows you to upload your creations directly onto the Ethereum blockchain.


Mintable is also an online platform that is popular among cryptoart enthusiasts. It focuses primarily on the creation of digital coins and tokens.

While it can be used for other types of projects, it is best suited for those looking to make their own cryptocurrency.

Mintable gives artists the opportunity to monetize their work, while giving buyers the chance to invest in new technologies.

Popular Cryptoart Marketplaces

cryptoart marketplace

There are a number of popular marketplaces where they can go to buy or sell art. These sites offer different features within their network, and give users the option to purchase using Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and more.

Some of the most common ones are:


Flow is a cryptoart marketplace that connects artists with collectors worldwide.

Artists can easily submit their work, and have the option of being listed on the site. They have made it possible for users to pay using various cryptocurrencies.

Flow is one of the oldest marketplaces on the list, and is still going strong today.


Ethereum is a cryptoart marketplace based on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can choose between different forms of payment, including Bitcoin, Ether, and more.

One of the coolest things about Ethereum is that they allow artists to sell directly through the platform itself!


As another cryptoart marketplace, Hive is another alternative to look at if you want to sell your work. You can either browse the works of others, or post your own.

If you’re interested in selling, you’ll need to register first, which only takes a few minutes. Once registered, you’ll have access to all the tools needed to sell your work.


Tezos is another cryptoart marketplace that allows you to create your own token and sell it directly.

The Tezos community supports artists by offering them exposure and visibility. It’s not just limited to art though; you can create any kind of project here, such as games, music, and more.


On this cryptoart marketplace, you can create your own custom tokens. Near makes it easy for artists to sell their work, while users are able to purchase pieces through the platform.


This cryptoart marketplace was created specifically for people who like to paint.

ArtOlin gives users the ability to sell both traditional and digital art. Since it is built on the Ethereum blockchain, it is secure. All transactions are tracked, so you don’t have to worry about losing money because of fraud.


Phantasma is another great cryptoart marketplace. This cryptoart marketplace primarily focuses on the gaming population.

Phantasma has been around since 2013, but is still growing each day. Their goal is to connect artists with gamers, and help everyone grow their audience.

Final Thoughts

The crypto world is full of wonders and mysteries, and cryptoart is one of the most fascinating of them all. Each form of art has its advantages and disadvantages.

When choosing to get involved with cryptoart, keep in mind what you hope to gain from the experience.

Are you trying to sell your artwork? Or do you just want to learn more about the industry? Whatever your goals may be, there is bound to be something out there that will suit your needs.

Hopefully this article helps you figure out how to start creating. Good luck!

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